About me

About me

I am Andreea and I am here to share travel emotions. A long time ago, “home” has become a very relative place. I am from Romania, but I never felt I belonged to a place. After a while, I had an intense need to change the landscape, so I always left. From war areas in Palestine to America, I have been getting lost since I was just a kid. Nowadays, I work fully remotely and I define myself as a “slow traveler”, so I offer the opportunity to assimilate every smell, figure, experience..until I feel I need something else.

My mission

Travelling is about how you shape a better version of yourself on the road, by embracing the unknown and enjoying it. I share travel emotions, so we look at the journey, not only at the destination.

Travel milestones in my life

4 years old: I firstly went abroad with my parents to Italy
6 years old: I firstly went aborad on a school trip to the Carnival of Venice
15 years old: I told my mum I dreamed of seeing Sahara desert
19 years old: I firstly moved away from Romania
20 years old: I saw Sahara desert
20 years old: I started wondering if I do what I really love
22 years old: I went to Palestine and I got a new sense of life & happiness
24 years old: I defined freedom as “inner peace”
25 years old: I accepted that I am a slow traveller

Let’s see what the future has for me!

What I do

“StoryOfAndreea” is a project that started a few years ago, but I needed time to feel comfortable sharing my experiences and talking openly about my emotions. You can see my professional experience on my Medium publication, Ubuntu blog and podcast about AI, whereas my travel stories are Instagram & Facebook. Passionate about entrepreneurship, I always work on a new project and offer consultancy to start-ups, about product definition, product launches, and data science.

FAQ on travel and more

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Why did you start this blog?
I started this blog to tell “Story of Andreea”,  to talk about what  I feel when I travel when I discover a new place or I leave something behind when I get scared of the unknown. It is a space where I share travel emotions. This is not a diary where you will find what you can do or where you should go, it is a diary that encourages you to enjoy and embrace the good and the bad parts of traveling.  It is a diary of what you feel on the road!
When did you start traveling?
I discovered it because of my parents when I was a kid, so I first went to Italy when I was 5 and when I was 7 I discovered another country with my mum or my dad. Fast forward 11 years later, I moved to Bucharest and I extensively started traveling abroad, visiting the USA for 5 months by the age of 19. From there on, all its history and my dream was to work remotely and have the opportunity to enjoy the journey.
Do you plan to return home?
Where is home? I get this question very often, but I would have struggled to reply. I feel at home in various places, but I am not ready to pick one. At some point, I think I will settle, but not yet.
Are you always happy to travel?
I am a person that is grateful for every day, for every moment and experience I live. However, I am a human being. I have good days and bad days, great moments and challenging times. Traveling is not always sparkling and nice, but it is something that I love I have the opportunity to do.
How long do you stay in a place?
It depends. There are places that I fell in love with and I stayed longer. There are places where I could not find my place, so I left quite early. It is dependent on how much I enjoy my experience and how I feel there.
How do you plan your travels?
I used to be a big planner, but I gave up on that a few years ago. At this moment, I am a slow traveler and I mainly pick regions where I wish I could spend longer periods.
Can you help me with my travel itinerary?
Yes, I can. If you need help with your travels, you can contact me and I can help you set up your itinerary. However, I do not do any organized travel.
Do you take all your photographs?
All photos that are published on the website or on my social media accounts are taken by me. I use a Fujifilm camera, that became my travel partner.
Do you always do solo travel?
Yes and no. I never traveled with someone long-term, but I do have friends that join me for a few weeks or people I meet on the road that become my companions for a while.However, when I did my luggage in Romania I started solo travel and at the end of the day, this is what I am.
Do you offer data consultancy?
Yes, I do. I am a data expert and this is what I do for a living. I am passionate about data and I strongly believe that the more data-driven a company is, the more chances it has to succeed in the long run.
It means that I can look at the data (from different sources such as analytics, sales, content) from different angles, I can build dashboards and I can teach you how you can use them, so you will also become more data-driven.
Are you open to travel collaborations?
Yes, I am. I am happy to promote experiences, products and services that I tried I believe in. I appreciate local things and I always crave good quality, interesting stories and pieces that make a place better. Traveling is about the journey you take and all these are part of it.
Are you happy to promote my company or product for free?
Only if it is a local company or product that needs help. I support my travels from my income, but at the same time, I like talking about the experiences that become part of my wonderful memories, about the things that made my day better. I enjoy helping people that need it but offer also a standard of quality.
Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, I do. However, I accept guest posts on traveling and how it shapes you, on sharing emotions and experiences, not destinations.