Grow up traveling

Grow up traveling

I firstly landed in Boston when I just finished my first year of uni. I was a totally different person: shy, scared and very unconfident. I set up for a new experience, but once it started I was very afraid on how it would go. The adventure started in the day when I landed when I lost the bus to Newport and I had to spend the night in the city. I had no idea what Airbnb was, I never went to a hostel before and I had no money, mobile network or any idea on what to do. From the bus terminal, I headed to this tiny bar where everything started.

The American dream

When I decided to join “Work& Travel” and leave for the summer to the USA, I was just a kid that came from the countryside to build a life in Bucharest. I was full of dreams and ambitions, ready to change the world. I knew I wanted to go to “America”, but I had no idea where or what job I should try in order to get better paid. I chose Rhode Island without any specific reason, but luckily I loved it. However, the time that I spent in the USA made me understand that you can live the “American dream” everywhere you go, as long as you are hard-working. So I returned back to Romania by the end of the summer to finish uni.

Long flight

Well, well, well…It was the first long flight I ever had and I was so stressed that I could not sleep at all. Luckily, in the airport in Bucharest, I got Andreea Esca’s book, “Ce-am facut cand am tacut” (What did I do when I was quiet), and by the time I was landing in Boston I was reading the last pages. I guess all those emotions kept me awake and she is one of the most inspirational women from Romania. However, I wish I knew i would get food and a fun screen to watch movies…

Boston by night

I am not sure how scared I was or how tired I looked, but I got lucky when I met this singer. I was alone, having a smoothie (one of the first in my life) when he approaches me. After some chat and tons of questions of “What if” I decided to accept his invitation to discover Boston. That’s how I saw how beautiful the marina area is by night and that he was actually a pretty famous singer. Lucky me, by the end of the tour I even got his album.