Small joys of everyday life

Small joys of everyday life

Quarantine in a 30 square meter studio is difficult, no? I had the same thought until I decided to take a different look at the whole situation and find the bright side of it and discover the small joys of everyday life. It is the first time in years when I stay home for so long, without ”hitting the road again”, as my mum would say.
What did I do? Firstly, I superficially analyzed my life. I thought of the furniture from my apartment, the noise from the boulevard where I lived and how I should move the paintings in my studio. In less than a week, I had no subject to think of, until the ”why” came to my mind.

Why do I smile every day even if I am isolated?

Simple things. Small joys of everyday life.

Coffee with milk

Coffee is a ritual itself, that includes time to think about your day, time to plan ahead and a moment to relax before jumping in the routine. It is the start point of every day and, without doubt, it influences who someone feels in the next hours.

I love drinking coffee on the couch, being covered by the blanket that my friends gave me. I never had time to fully enjoy this moment, while listening to my favorite music and feeling the strong smell of the coffee, until……quarantine came.


Sunset is a color itself made of fire shadows. It turns everything to something different: more beautiful, deeper. Sunsets are for those who wander around the world, a compass of where to go to take a long breath and spend some time with themselves and for those who have settled on an exciting short trip that can show a whole different world.

When I moved into the apartment where I live now, I thought I was lucky to have such a nice view of the sunset. In the last 3 years, I managed to catch fewer sunsets than I did in the last 2 weeks. I was always busy wandering around the world for the “best spots to catch the sunset”. For now, I would say that my balcony is one of the best places.


Where do you go when everything falls apart? Who do you call when you feel lonely? Who do you miss when you are on the road? These popped out to my mind once I got stuck in once place and I only had one simple answer: FAMILY.

Even if we do not live together and we could not reunite because of safety reasons, quarantine brought us closer. We call each other more often, we text on WhatsApp groups, we check and take care of all family members.

Kind thoughts

It is the text that you received from someone you did not talk to for the last 2 years, the question from someone you did not expect would ask, the song a friend sent you. It is the moment that someone took and thought of you.

No one has the duty to check on you, but being kind should be to everyone’s routine. It is so easy to put a smile on someone’s face and, most of the time, it costs nothing. And still…here we are…missing something very often.


My first blog appeared when I was 16 and, back then, I had a totally different topic to write about (I still regret losing all the articles). After that, for many, many years I did not publish anything. Between being obsessed by perfection and quite busy with all my other projects, I left this hobby behind.

I love writing, but I never had enough time. At the beginning of the year, I decided to post on my Facebook page after more than a year, but quarantine motivated me to start the blog again. It might be slower than I expected and it is definitely not perfect (English is not my native language), but it is my therapy and my desire to spread my “Why” behind travelling. It has nothing to do with the destination.