Why do I return to the place where I was born?

Why do I return to the place where I was born?

When I think of the place I grew up, dozens of emotions appear suddenly. I left the small town from Transylvania 6 years ago and I was convinced I would not miss anything. It was a small community where everyone knew everyone, with few activities to do and even fewer opportunities. With all my dreams packed in a small suitcase, at 18 years old, I headed to new destinations, having in mind the idea that I would not go back there unless it was something important.

Why do I return home?

I traveled around the world, I worked hard, I went beyond my limits and I stepped out of my comfort zone. However, this is the second week within a month when I return back home…or the place I used to call ”home”. “Why?” I wondered almost by instinct the second time when I took the 7 hours train.

I want to see the change

There is no better place for a retrospection, than the one from I left some years ago. I looked at how far away I managed to go, how many failures I had to face, how I behaved when I was successful, and what mistakes I have done. I looked for people who I left behind, things that I missed the most and who are the ones that I was still missing. My objectives have slightly changed, I am another person, but I easily understood that I have the same roots.

For my family

Behind everything that I could say, I am blessed to have so many amazing people around me. My parents encouraged me to follow my dreams, they let me fail and helped me heal my wounds to fly even further. They are my friends, my mentors, my partners in this adventure that we call ”life”.

Fresh air

It is a town surrounded by nature and even if I hate the colt, I feel inspired here. I come home to sleep better, to go to my grandmother’s house, to play with the animals that we have there, to see how the world continues on its own rhythm. This place is green and wild, it is quiet, it is like few other corners that I explored so far.

For myself

I run away in the place where I was born, I return back home, when I want to feel loved, when I need protection, when I try to hide. I return here to remember who I am, why I left, and which are the things that I left behind. I always discover something about myself, I always find something that touches my emotions, I always leave with a smile on and a relieved heart. There is nothing the same, but I still have the same feelings.

Maybe the town where I was born is not my home, but it is for sure the place where my emotions explode and I cannot control them. Time changes its value here and everything gets a new sense. I have here my origins, my beginnings, and my past. I always enjoy the present, but from time to time I enjoy going back to my roots.

Fun fact: when I was a kid, I had a goat as a pet, who lived at my grandparent’s house and used to eat cakes with me.
All photos are taken in Toplița and Lacul Roșu, Harghita county. I encourage you to visit this magic place!